Cabin • Stable • Beach • Nature

What more could you ask for?

Naytura Haus is a unique and extraordinary vacation experience for nature lovers and equine lovers alike! We provide a private, relaxing retreat from the busy world that we live in. The simplicity and old-world charm of the property will encourage you to take a deep breath and enjoy the sights and sounds of each moment. We offer incredible views, a laid back atmosphere, and a unique experience.

However, if you must keep in touch with the modern world we also include Wi-Fi, local TV, Netflix, Hulu and BluRay movies for work and entertainment.

Meander along the magnificent twenty-six-mile beach on foot or horseback, hike the quiet woods and dunes, count the beautiful and diverse bird species, and nestle by the fire in the charming cabin… pause and breathe.

Whether you come alone, with friends, or with family or horses, allow this sacred space to nurture and refresh your spirit!